There’s nothing pretty about the word “anger”…

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The poem below was written several years ago, but it’s all about my personal downfall, and my battle with anger. I am so thankful that my God is faithful to pick me up (I imagine myself like a body with a giant head that did a face plant in the mud… The mud has suctioned my whole head in and my body is flailing in the air trying to get up… Yes, I have a vivid imagination.), and pull me out of the mess I’ve made the minute I call for help. He’s such a loving and good God to a very undeserving spoiled brat… But BOY am I ever thankful!!! And the truth is, I know I can be a spoiled brat, but I know that’s not how God views me. I know, because His Word tells me so… and He honors His Word above His Name.

Now, I must clarify, I don’t believe every type of anger is bad. Depending on its motivation, it may be perfectly fine to be angry. Like so many have said to me, “But Amie, Jesus was angry when he took those moneychangers to task in the Temple!”
Ah, yes! He was. This is a perfect example of righteous anger… He even made a whip! He was certainly cleaning house. They had made a marketplace out of His Father’s Temple, and He dealt swiftly with them. Righteous anger, indeed. He also called the Pharisees and Scribes “hypocrites”and told them they were like “whitewashed tombs”. He had already called them, “blind guides, straining out gnats and swallowing a camel!” There were time too when rebuked His own disciples. See, Jesus was a man in every way like us, but without sin. So, I am certain He experienced anger. But I am also sure I have never experienced that type of righteous anger that hasn’t had my “human nature” my “sinful man” seep into it.

So… there is a Bible scripture that does say, “Be angry, and do not sin.”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.”
Ephesians 4:26-28

I’m pretty sure God knows we can’t hold onto it that long without it tainting us… Then the devil comes in. He likes to mess with our heads, but he doesn’t stop there. This is now where we start embarking on “The Anger of MAN”… It is dangerous.

Then we read “… Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.”
James 1:19-20

The “Anger of Man” cannot achieve the righteousness of God, because it’s not right. It’s sinful. It’s a place that has festered and become a playground for our adversary. When we choose to hold on to anger, we need to know that we are willfully putting out a “Vacancy” sign, and making room for the devil. Plain and Simple. As much as I might like my angry cause… I need to hate GIVING Satan anything MORE!

I’m not sharing any of this from a place of “arrival”… Again, I am sharing it, because I ate it BAD this past month! If anything, I just want to come from a place of openness and brokenness… My hope is that we’ll journey together. Maybe our stories will be nothing alike, but you’ll find a common thread running through… Do me a favor… Pray for me… and I’ll pray for you.

So, here’s a little story about “The Anger of Man”…

Anger, he’s a dreadful one.
He wants to rob you blind.
He disguises himself in various ways,
and will steal your heart and mind.
The thief of hearts, this Anger is.
He’s oh so ever sly.
Beware, for Anger often tries to enter through the eye.
“Did you see that?” he will say…
“Does that not make you mad?”
Before you know it Anger’s in…
and Anger’s very bad.
Anger hates a triumphant life…yes…
he likes his prey to fear.
Beware for Anger often tries to enter through the ear.
“Did you hear that?” he will say…
“Surly you’re upset!”
Anger likes to see his prey buried in their fret.
Hateful thoughts invade your mind,
and you set them free to roam.
You’ve ceased to captivate each thought…
now Anger’s found a home.
If allowed to linger,
Anger will invite his friends to stay.
And Yes, Bitterness is far, far worse than Anger – in every way.
Let me tell you about Bitterness…
You see…He never travels alone.
He always brings with him Emptiness…
leaving one’s heart as cold as stone.
Emptiness brings Despair.
Despair brings Defeat.
And they will stop at nothing
to make your joy deplete.
So, be AWARE, and take your thoughts captive
under the obedience of God!
For the changes you will see and feel
will strike you a bit odd…
He will take your burden.
He will take your fear.
He will take a stony heart
and produce from it a tear.
He will take Bitterness
and crush him in His hand…
Drop him in the ocean
to become just grains of sand.
Once Bitterness is gone,
Emptiness is no more or less…
For Emptiness was just
the mirrored heart of Bitterness.
Despair disappeared when
he lost his ground to Grace…
Then Defeat stood all alone –
and like his name – he lost his place.
Anger…He’s a dreadful one.
He wants to rob you blind.
Now you have a choice…
Who’ll control your heart and mind?

By: Amie Joy Chiarelli-Wylie

2 thoughts on “There’s nothing pretty about the word “anger”…

  1. Keep it up Amie Joy – – – you’re a wonderful writer and God has gifted you with the ability to see things He wants you to see through the trials you are experiencing. Still praying this will only be a season in order to better season you for the ministry He has for you.


  2. Thank you, Chris and Lori! I appreciate your encouraging words as well as your prayers! Whatever the Lord has for me, I do hope that I can bring Him glory in some way. Blogging terrifies me though! There’s a lot I can’t figure out. I need my old IT friends to give me a run though course. I don’t even get the jargon. I had to laugh at myself when I was looking at another blog for reference and somehow ended up posting under their name. How on Earth did I do that? Don’t you have to TRY to do something that dumb? Tim’s been asking me to blog for 2 years. It’s my attempt at an anniversary gift to him. 😉


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