Don’t Lose Heart! So, the outward man is perishing… but we do know that the inward man is being renewed day by day! So, TAKE COURAGE, and SEE the Invisible!!! Oh, and yes… that is my elbow facing you.



Yes, that would be my elbow pointing at you.  Only slight more disturbing than it looked was how it felt…

If you ever find yourself on a sleepless night in need of something to do… friend this site (see bottom of page)… These are my EDS buddies. They NEED prayer. I am finding it is a ministry that can really only be done this way. These people are not wimps and complainers. They come to this site to talk with other folks with EDS (as it is such a rare condition) and seek advice, medical recommendations, sometimes just wanting to find out if something is related to their faulty connective tissue… But overall, they are there to support one another. Some prayer warriors would be AWESOME!!! Bathe these folks in prayer. They don’t just battle with chronic pain, they battle with chronic ACUTE pain… It is not confined to one area of the body… Sadly, it often encompasses the entire body… since that’s exactly what our connective tissue does.
I am currently praying for Aleisha. She came on the site, because her sister of 22 years just lost her battle with Ehlers-Danlos (the vascular type)… After having been a fighter her whole life, having had bowel surgery, brain surgery and trooping through… She still lost her life to a ruptured organ. Life is fragile… Especially for those with fragile connective tissue. These people are so marginalized, because NO one knows about the condition enough to show compassion. Most people with EDS don’t look sick until they reach the “crippled” stages. But they suffer the unthinkable. Take a moment and really think about this… all of the sudden you move and your shoulder just gets completely dislocated. What do you do? It hurts so bad. It looks disgusting, but feels far worse. Most people rush to the ER and have it reset. A person with EDS has multiple dislocation a week and sometimes a DAY… not just their arms… their hips, sacrum, pelvis, knees, ankles, fingers, wrists, jaw, and every other imaginable joint. their sternum will crack in and out causing debilitating pain, the neck, the scapula… I could go on and on… Now, that’s just the skeletal issues. I won’t give you the 40 page short version, and I’ll spare you the whole genetics talk. But I am becoming louder on the behalf of these people, because they need you. THEY NEED YOU! They literally need YOU to BE the HANDS and FEET of JESUS to them! I have my support system, and I still feel overwhelmed by my physical pain… I still feel plagued by loneliness. I know Tim, like poor Aleisha (the sister of the 22 year old gal that just passed) struggle with working so hard and yet are still not able to “fix” us. It’s disheartening. Sometime caregivers even battle with hostile anger towards their patient, because this isn’t what they signed up for… And the patient, who doesn’t want to be “the patient”, didn’t sign up for it either… and they battle with the same hostile anger… The anger is NORMAL. But it can get convoluted and misdirected. They can end up hurting one another. Sometimes, there is nothing better than having “outsiders” bathing them in prayer. All of our journeys are uniquely difficult and individually just as great a hurdle as any other man’s hurdle. But the truth is this…

We are to be praying for one another.

The more transparent we are with one another as humans, the more specifically they can pray for us, and we can pray for them…

We will know the magnitude of what we are taking before our great God!

When God begins to move on behalf of our prayers… which HE WILL, because His Word does not return void, and the Word says that the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much…. We will be encouraged and strengthened in faith! Our faith will move us to encourage others.

This is where healing in our physical bodies may take place, but healing in the Body of Christ WILL take place.

It brings Unity in Christ.

It brings us together with one heart and purpose… LOVE!

When we are praying for others (not just those with EDS, this is just something I’m suggesting you can pray for), our faith is strengthened…
We become empowered by the Holy Spirit to care about the things HE cares about…
Those that don’t know Him…
Those that haven’t experienced a genuine introduction to Jesus Christ..

We are moved to a life without hypocrisy, because we are aware of our shortcomings.
We can’t pray without repenting of our own sin!
Recognizing our ugliness outside of Christ makes us able to love others the way HE loves us.
Praying for people you don’t know…
Praying for those you do know…
Praying for those of the faith…
Praying for those that are not of the faith…
Living to please God…
Not living to please man…
Living to demonstrate God’s love…
Not living to prove your point to man…
Living to represent God’s heart towards man
(the heart He had towards you before you came to the faith)…
Not living to stand for a “Christian Cause” in a world that doesn’t know Him.

We need to love as He loved. Pray as He prayed…
and as He still prays… and He still loves…

We are ambassadors. We are representatives.
Let us be found worthy of our calling…
And if we fail, let us show one another mercy and grace.
Don’t be quick to judge, BUT be quick to pray.

God is a lot better at fixing our problems than we give Him credit.
He also told us to do it, so we need to be obedient.
He also desires the relationship that is built through prayer, and we should desire it with the Great God Almighty, more than He should desire it with us mere men.

All that to say, if you are sleepless, pray.
Pray for the sick and hurting.
Pray for the lost.
Pray for your enemy.
Pray for someone in chains.
Pray for the hungry and marginalized.
Pray for the widows and orphans.
Pray for the salvation of the world.

And pray for the Lord’s return.

Just a few thoughts… or a few hundred.
That’s what happens when you get locked up in a sick bed. LOL! Love you all! And I do pray for you, and ask that you pray for me!!!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Amie Joy (reyajoy)

The link of folks that are in need of prayer. Oh, and please don’t go on this site and offer advise or chat it up. They don’t need it. Don’t go on for that reason. REALLY. This is their safe place. Just go on to pray, please. The only voices speaking on the walls should be those with the illness and occasionally those who have family that are sick. Please reserve the wall for that. Thanks so much. You may be able to join to learn, grow, understand, pray and help build awareness in your community.

*My Greatest Pain Med is getting my focus off of me… When I am hurting intensely, I have a specific people that I begin praying for. My pain becomes my incentive to press in in fervent prayer on behalf of someone God has put on my heart to be interceding for. It takes the focus off of me, but the intensity of my pain reminds me of the intense need to pray for others.* Praise Jesus for not wasting anything to teach us. He is so GOOD!

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