Story Time ~ The way I remember it…

Story Time

Grab a cup of tea, and pull of a chair… make yourself nice and cozy.  It’s story time.
(I’m sure I cannot remember the statistics given, so I pulled the stats offline a while back. You’ll still get the idea… Anyway, this still “The Way I Remember It.”)

Even though it must be getting close to 30 years ago, I remember with vivid clarity the day that man stood behind the pulpit silently and began to snap his fingers.

Snap… snap… snap… snap… Silence fell over the room, and all that could be heard was each snap as his long finger crossed his thumb and snapped against the palm of his hand. His eyes looked back and forth across the room. I was certain he had made eye contact with everyone there.

Snap… snap… snap…

He began to speak, all the while still snapping his fingers… “Each snap of my fingers equals one second… Almost 2 people die each second, 120 people die each minute, 6,098 people die each hour, 146,357 people die each day, and 53.4 million people die each year… More people than we’ll know in our lifetime are dying today WITHOUT CHRIST! Every second, more and more and more people are dying and going to HELL…

(long pause)

And how many of us don’t even give a damn?”

Gasps could be heard throughout the room… the whispering started… and eyes glaring with utter disgust were aimed straight at the preacher.

“Now, I ask… How many of you are more concerned with the fact that I said “damn” in church, than you are about the lost souls that are dying every second with out the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ… who indeed are destined to hell?”

He paused then continued…

“Damn means: to be condemned to hell.
If shocking you is what it takes to stress the importance of sharing Jesus with others, then so be it. Wake up people. The harvest is truly plentiful, BUT THE WORKERS ARE FEW… Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest.”

He continued with a couple of other scriptures, closed his Bible, and prayed.

The service was the shortest service I’ve ever attended EVER, but had by far the most lasting effect on my life.

Later that afternoon, I looked over at the preacher and said, “Dad, I thought for sure they were going to stone you!”

By: Amie Joy Chiarelli-Wylie

Written with love and profound respect and admiration for my dad who “says it like it is!”… He’s certainly softened over the years, but I will always hold him and that sermon in such high regard!

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