Do you play “house” in your house? I’m always imaging “what if” I could change this? Or “what if” I could change that? It’s like playing “house” in your own house. Hee hee.


I do dream of one day redoing my cabinets… I’m not even sure what they would look like yet.  I can envision cement countertops and an apron front kitchen sink.  Perhaps a nice backsplash tiled with something understated and muted, but not drab.  The floors… Hmm… I’ve been giving 11 years of thought to that floor.  That’s a fantasy I try not to entertain, since it’s one I actually desire, and can breed discontentment… and that’s no fun!  Who likes being around an unhappy wife?  Who likes being around an unhappy self? Yeah… me neither.  Anyway, back to dreaming.


So, on to the laundry room.  I love my washer and dryer!  Okay, it’s not so much about the candy apple red (not a fan), as it is about CAPACITY.  Oh yeah!  I love the efficiency of my washer and that dryer.  Can I just tell you that the washer has this cycle for “germaphobes” like me.  It’s called “Sanitary Cycle”  AND you can program the load if the clothes are extra dirty… and you can also make it have an extra rinse!  Don’t worry, it’s still an energy star!  Now, it only gets better… My big fat red dryer… I load my towels that have just been washed on the sanitary cycle – extra long on the extra dirty sanitary cycle – with extra rinse (washed w/ water from my ultra hot water heater that is set at 138 degrees!  YES!!  I know… I am so weird.)… Goes from the washer straight into my MEGA RED DRYER  – and I power it up on (prepare yourself) the Antibacterial Cycle!!!  It’s so awesome!!!

So, I put in these giant beach towels,
and end up with these cute little washcloths!
You can’t find anything like them anywhere.

Now, back to THE Laundry Room.  If you’ll notice, there are cabinets.  Hopefully, my husband (bless his beautiful, wonderful heart… and hopefully he won’t read this blog post) grasped my entire design for the laundry room make over (you should have seen it a few years ago), but he missed the part where I said, I hate oak… Whatever you do, don’t come home with oak.  I hate oak. Please no oak.  I would die if you hung oak.  Could you imagine if you accidentally forgot how much I hate oak and came home and installed it while I was gone, and I came home and found oak in here?  That would be horrible, wouldn’t it be?

No one died.

And I may have exaggerated epically on that, but if you’re going to stretch the truth, you may as well stretch it really far, because it’s already lying.  That’s a very truthful statement about stretching the truth, but I am also very much teasing about all the “oak” stuff… It was a misunderstanding only slightly… as in… it was all Lowes had.  =D

But I’m thinking…. HELP!!!!  I don’t like oak all that much (for me), and I don’t think paint is going to fix it.  Maybe layers and layers and layers and layers and layers… then a torch?  That might work.  That might look pretty cool.  It would be a lot of work… but might just be worth it!  I’ll have to check with my expert friends.  Oooh… Maybe this will be a project I’ll adopt next year.  Hmmm…


Perhaps we have a latte think about.  Anyone care to join me??

3 thoughts on “Do you play “house” in your house? I’m always imaging “what if” I could change this? Or “what if” I could change that? It’s like playing “house” in your own house. Hee hee.

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