In the midst of the storm I have found shelter in You – yet I am filled with sorrow – From where I hide I can still see the view – of all my crushed dreams for tomorrow – I will pour out my heart… I will surrender my will – and quietly cry for my loss – I will rest in Your strength and surrender until – I find all of my hope in Your cross – Oh, where can I go that You won’t be with me – You’ll never leave me alone – Through tear filled eyes I cannot see clearly – but You are my Cornerstone – You are acquainted with all of my ways – knowing each thought that I think – You will be with me all of my days – no matter how deep my heart sinks – O,h how can I fear with You as my Lord – there is no power You cannot defeat – I will fight with Your Word as my sword – and my enemy will have to retreat – Jesus Christ… Most Powerful One – thank You for being my friend – I need not fear… for the victory’s been won – and I know I will stand in the end. Poem Written By: Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie (reyajoy) © 2013

No Alone – by Jamie Grace

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