Sometimes it’s just epically cool to put your breakfast on your face, and act like a rock star!


It really doesn’t take much to turn your daughters, granddaughters or nieces and their friends world into a dream come true.  For us, it took some oatmeal, coconut oil, vanilla, tea bags, essential oil of your choice, whatever food we had already planned to feed them, pulling out the “pretty dishes”, some flowers picked from the garden, and nail polish / accessories.

This was our Spa Day!

Welcome to ~

“Elembay’s on Hillcrest” Day Spa

(Where ~ Simplicity + Imagination = EPIC FUN)


Aren’t they adorable?!?  So, we also had our “Spa Brunch”, which was basically the exact same Sunday Brunch we were going to have before, only we used the word “Spa” in front of it, and believe me… it made it taste so much better!  Girls and Women alike all find it so much more chic to eat our veggies when we are having a “Spa Lunch”.  Same goes for water… these girls drank 3 bottles of water and “couldn’t stop”, because it was alkaline water served in glass bottles, and the glass makes it taste so much better!  They ARE SO RELATED to me!!!

The girls also had their rotations taking their aroma therapy baths, whilst the others sat on the blanket in the sun sipping (guzzling) spa water, painting their nails, and chatting it up.  When all was said and done, Chef Uncle Tim served us a wonderful dessert of warmed organic fruit served over “the loon and the grebe” original kefir ice cream (see previous post for recipe) and a homemade biscuit.  We all snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.  It was a perfect day.

Keeping it simple and making a big deal about it, means that you have a GREAT time now, but you don’t overdo it and leave yourself with no options for “bigger and better” in the future.  I would sure love to hear some of your creative ideas!  Please share with all of us!! Comments are absolutely welcome!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

~ Amiejoy (reyajoy)

All photos are property of Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie © 2013


Elembay’s Spa Girls 2013

4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s just epically cool to put your breakfast on your face, and act like a rock star!

  1. Once again, you outdid yourself. Were as it looks like we spent a fortune, it cost us almost nothing and the girls really thought they were at a luxury spa. They even ate their broccoli. Get job Aunt May Me…


    • You don’t have to pay! Just come over!! =D It’s hilarious, because we store our water in glass water bottles now. Plastics aren’t good for you. So, those were already ready to go… as were the towels. Tim put some oats in the food processor and pulsed it a couple of times. We threw in some melted coconut oil and lavender oil. I steeped some green tea bags then moved the hot bags into a mug full of ice. Tim chopped up some fruit and put it in the water container, we put on some music, I put the plumeria blossoms in a bowl of cold water for them to plunge their hands into after they painted their nails… We set out robes. They were all upstairs showering off and we’d given them giant t-shirts to wear. They had NO idea when they came down that everything was going to be set up for them. It literally took 7 minutes? But they LOVED it!!! It would have taken me forever, but Tim moves fast. =D


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