It’s HAMMER TIME! U Can’t Touch This! – Alright… Maybe you can!!! At least that’s the PLAN!!! DIY TIME AGAIN!!! Are U in??? Can we all just say “Double Decker Planter Box”? DOUBLE DECKER PLANTER BOX! Good Job! Let’s get to work (looking at the pictures)!

This DIY Project is an Intermediate Level –
Geared towards the “Weekend Warrior”
Tools: Required
 Hand Saw
Square Shovel
Garden or Bow Rake
Screw Driver
Small Sledge Hammer (3lbs)
Paint Brush
Drill Bits
Hack Saw or Metal Chop Saw
Tools: Preferred
  Chop Saw
Power Driver
Wood Clamps
Building Materials
Treated Lumber 2 X 6
Treated Lumber 2 X 4
Decking Screws 4”
Decking Screws 3”
Post Master; Rot-Free Fence Post
Liquid Asphalt Coating
Exterior Wood Sealant/Stain
Exterior Wood Glue
Step One:
Determine where your planter will be going.  Measure the dimensions of the planter then, using the flat shovel and rake, level the ground for the planter.
Step Two:
Measure and cut your treated lumber.  To get the height for the lower planter we glued and screwed a 2” X 4” and a 2” X 6” together (edge-to-edge) thereby creating a 2” X 10”. We did this by drilling counter-sink holes in the top of the 2” X 4” and using the 4” decking screws.
Step Three:
After the lumber was cut and glued, we fitted it into place, then glued and screwed (3” Decking screws) the pieces together to form the planter boxes.  We used a square and a level to make sure our boxes were true.
Step Four:
We cut the “Rot-Free Fence Posts” into 13” lengths, positioned them against the inside of the planter box and used a hand sledge to drive them into the ground.  The Posts were then screwed to the inside of the planter box. These helped to anchor the planter.
Step Five:
We fitted and cut 2” X 4” lumber to cap the planter box, which were also glued, then screwed using the 3” decking screws.
Step Six:
For the second level, we again measured and cut our 2’ X 6” lumber then fitted it on top of the lower box.  To ensure the proper soil levels and form a solid wall between the two boxes, we glued and screwed a 2” X 6” piece of lumber, edge-to-edge creating a 2” X 12”, onto the outward facing wall of the second level box.  Once completed this box was glued and screwed on top of the first planter box.
Step Seven:
We then measured and cut the 2” X 4” lumber to cap the second level box and glued and screwed the cap the the top of the second planter box.
Step Eight:
We used Liquid asphalt coating to completely seal the inside of the planter box and let it dry overnight before filling the boxes with soil.
For our planter boxes, we also tapped into the underground sprinkler system, installing some tees and risers to be able to run a drip system inside the boxes.
See, here’s the tiny garden you might have… and you perhaps you’re thinking (like I was last year), “I need a bigger garden, but where am I going to put it?
ImageImageImageImageSo, I talked to Tim… my honey man… the grebe.
I told him of my plan to build a Bi-Level Planter against the house.  At first I wanted to buy one.  Then we priced them.  Then we went and looked at them.  Then we left.  To the price, I say, “CRAZY!”… To the looks, I say, “Hm.”…  To leaving, I didn’t have to say anything… We just began drawing up our plans.  Why do we ever assume buying pre-made is ever going to be better?Tim, drew up the plans (he’s so gifted that way)… I just talk and explain, and he draws and makes perfect sense of my vision on paper!  HE’S WONDERFUL!
ImageSo, now that you have the DIY prep list… and instructions, along with our little story, here are the photos for you to see the process.  I apologize.  We were just taking snapshots with my old iPhone 3Gs.
Here’s the deal, now is the best time to do your garden build-outs.  It’s cooling off.  The rains haven’t come, so you still have good weather to work in.  You’ve had an opportunity to look at magazines of beautiful gardens ALL summer long and dream of eating your own beautiful food… NOW’S you’re chance.  Should you choose to plant a winter garden in it, great.  If you’re like me, you’ll look at it for a year and get all excited thinking about your plans for it the following Spring!  Man alive!  We grew the best tomatoes and peppers you’ve ever tasted in this here garden.  Here’s another deal (I have a lot of them), you may be really tempted to do it, but never plant your maters in the same place two consecutive seasons.  Your crop won’t yield good fruit.  Some people have to figure it out on their own, even if someone already told them (those would be people like me), but then we never do it again.  Rotation is key… So, you need SPACE.  Eventually, I plan to make all kinds of interesting planters around the house.  Keep in mind, you can always build UP.  Vertical gardening is so cool looking, don’t you think?  I love how some people have made patio “privacy screens” out of them.  So many great and innovative gardening ideas out there.
Well, this was just a simple one from last spring, I thought I’d share with y’all.  You know, you can even pull out your old beat box and harem pants, blast some MC Hammer, and build away!  I bet your neighbors will love you!
Bi-Level Planter Box Mission – COMPLETED!  Thanks so much for joining along on the blogging adventure!  I hope you stick around and leave a comment, that way if you have a blog, I can check yours out!
I always want to give thanks and praise to my LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.  By and through His death and resurrection He has given me new life in Him.
Jesus said,
“I am the Way, The Truth and The Life… No man come to the Father (GOD) except through Me.”
Our salvation came at a great price to Jesus Christ and Father God, but is offered as a FREE gift to us.  We but need to recognize our sinfulness. Meaning, we have missed the mark of perfection.  We are not perfect like God…
God is a just God… Holy and Pure.
He has provided a way to make us purified through His Son, Jesus Christ, who was crucified and bore upon Himself all the sins of mankind, so that if we so chose, we might receive that free gift of eternal Salvation that HE paid so much for… and has freely offered.
Why do we treat it so flippantly?
Why do we mock our own Creator?
Would we do such a thing to our own parent?
I think not.
 We have built within us an understanding to honor our heros and those who do honorable and admirable things.  However, there would be no gage of goodness had it not been for God.
We only know good because of Him.
We know what is true, because of Him.
We breath, because of Him.
Yet, He is patient and long suffering.  He will not force anyone to choose Him.  But if we don’t choose Him, we should not expect that when we stand before Him in eternity that He should have prepared a place for us there.
For He will have not… because we told Him not to.  Our choices always determine our future outcome here on earth… but have you considered how they will determine your eternity?  It is appointed that each man will die.  Then what?
I only pray and want the very best for you.  I would not tell you this, if I didn’t.
I will not judge you one way or another for what decision you make.  And you are always welcome on this blog and in conversation with me…
But there will come a day when the decisions you make will determine the outcome of your eternity.
All of our decisions will be judged.
For those that have chosen to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior… He will save them at that moment.
All of their judgement will have already fallen on Him on the cross.  When He bore the death of my sin… BUT then He conquered SIN and DEATH!
HE rose from the grave!  He defeated our enemy… the devil…
Hell was really only made for Satan and his demons.
But sadly, people will chose to follow him there, rather than to follow Jesus.
It doesn’t make any sense to me.  But the choice belongs to each man.  You can choose to stand before God and give an account of your perfect goodness, but I guarantee you, non of us are perfect.  God knew that, that’s why He went to the great measure that He did to make available this free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Did you notice that Christianity is often ridiculed and mocked, but it is the only faith in which we don’t have to “earn” our way to God.  Why do people despise the God of Christianity so much?  Maybe it’s the Christians who’ve misrepresented Him that they are seeing.
To that I say,
You find out about your own Savior, salvation and God.
Don’t let someone else determine your relationship with GOD for you.  Get structure and sound Biblical teaching, yes… But remember… Christians are sinners that have been saved by God’s grace, through faith and believing that what He’s said is true.  They are all on different learning roads.
Kind of like this DIY… Everyone is at a different place.  Some have grown in areas, but are stunted in other areas.
Let’s be merciful and focus on letting God change us.
Don’t become a judger of God, based on a person you don’t like.
That won’t fly well when you meet your Maker.  It wouldn’t fly well if someone did that to you either, I suppose.
All that to say, as we are building planters for growing gardens…
I want to build a planter on this blog to plant seeds and share about my Savior.
If it falls on ready soil, you will receive what the Lord is ministering to your heart.  If it falls on hard ground, it will mean nothing to you.  I hope you are not the hardened ground.
God loves you WAY too much!
DIY’s are a lot like our relationship with the LORD… no one can do it for us.
We can get instructions.  There are examples laid out before us, but we need to study and apply ourself, labor and do the the work, and study to show ourselves approved… Our relationship with the Lord is our own responsibility… ENTIRELY.  We can say we don’t like the examples we’ve seen, but regardless… God has set a pretty great example for us.
He’s also bestowed some radically AMAZING gifts for us to behold everyday.  I see pictures of them on instagram daily.  The sunsets!  He paints a sky for us, do we thank Him?  Or do we fall more of the thankless entitled category without even realizing it?  Do we behave before God like we would want our children to be with us or others?
So many things to ponder on our journey in life.
Consider this…
Life is but a vapor…
try to count that long, and then ask yourself, “What have I done to prepare for it?”
 It seems like it’s a substantial phase of our existence.  So, it might be a question worth putting some deep thought into answering.
I am so thankful that you read all of this!  Thank you so very much!
May the LORD fill your day with His everlasting love, joy and peace in abundance.  My you begin to experience His presence in your life, even now.
In Jesus Name.  Amen
Blessings to you!~Amie Joy (reyajoy)
the loon and the grebe

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