The Right Guy for the Job – by Josh Turansky

The Right Guy for the Job – by Josh Turansky

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My thoughts:

We are so thankful for our new Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Brian Brodersen.  As we mourn Pastor Chuck no longer being with us, we know that he would never want us to not press forward, even during our grieving.  We could see that in his very nature and manner of living.  Truly, he was one to press on.  We are thankful that he brought Brian and Cheryl, and the Brodersen family back from England all those years back to prepare Brian for the place he would take now.  Pastor Chuck, although you are gone and with Jesus… we still thank you.  Pastor Brian, you are here and we are thankful to you for your willingness and desire to serve us, oversee us, and lead us as a body.  We will be keeping you and Cheryl in prayer as you embark on this new season… As we will also be keeping the Smith family in prayer during their season of grieving.  Seasons of change are never easy… Yet they are part of God’s design for life and the production of fruit.  May the LORD receive all the glory for HIS great sacrifices and the greatest gifts HE’S bestowed to bless and grow the ministries of man.  Without HIM we are nothing, and may we remember to attribute all honor and glory to GOD.  ~  Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie (reyajoy)

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