Free Spirit… I’m certain GOD intended my hair to be in dreadlocks. Yesterday, Tim pat the top of my head, and said, “I had no idea your hair was like this.” The secrets we can keep for so many years!

I found these AMAZING photographs on the internet via blogs… there were no photo credits, and they were not certain where they originated either.  IF you do know, please let me know, and I will make sure to attach their name with their work.  I will also remove the photo if they like.  These “Free Spirited” photos make me happy… Hope they make you happy too! 
Tea by the Sea 9840_472800659469411_1411729259_n 115212 157654 200612-1 261255_10150235188062379_722857378_7663189_4410537_n 525840_10150911372718685_693988684_9819887_2046482977_n 409766_10151051051423685_1128927282_n 380275_364643893595805_138763606183836_1017209_2116754870_n 319649_252301734800575_127603680603715_839899_4643112_n 269439_186929351364227_169207526469743_495855_2245280_n 3385543649 1521801377 1404264740_6_xrcA 535129_291936110898152_203142206444210_602981_68234526_n 1319619099_6_iI-6 471499098 11161876 599517_4286892549107_1013611070_n544676_328336710572360_100001881014661_782168_1126287448_n 526689_10150946917538685_1630813278_n 4943694832 6226323012 6380221917 10572835813 32129603392 31610698923 28798490483 1089092741432146283318 32359804081 32417433589 32463170868 32488247353 32489849283 32523500365 33086465309 34397308504 37284776352 37427104615 3783326277038175001057 38181512262 38408075139 38984921987 98516310568563007 215961744601401631 ancient--magic.tumblr artbysusanlenz.blogspot awakeghostsong.tumblr b476eb409d9cf01c2c6a27a27c02e3a4 batixaBeautiful Blankets (by Attic24) bohemian-lifestyle faves-andrewbellham faves-averona gypsy 2 gypsy 3 ha5 hanging-around-in-cambodia-photo-and-caption-byheartbeatozgreige image022 image031 image_credit_Fr_d_ric_M_chiche la_belle_vieprettysimplelife_ little knitter living-room-roundup mark-seelen-1 My Promise Picture photo picsandquotes pinterest pool-1367119@N24 romanian_gypsies_640_11 seabois.tumblr tumblr via Me and Alice tumblr_lb8uvfKQ4V1qzx5i0o1_400 tumblr_lntrflriwP1qlxc42o1_500tumblr_ltpy9k0Ker1r5vdomo1_400 tumblr_lv06xlIapG1qmfuy9o1_1280 tumblr_lvdnp59lGc1qchk7t tumblr_lvi805N1Xy1r37oy0o1_500 tumblr_lvtzjoiTjt1qiyrh5o1_500 tumblr_lw55miSjOb1qj2tjeo1_500 tumblr_lwh6wjvZkZ1r52x0jo1_500 tumblr_lwve741VnD1qhsmllo1_1280 tumblr_lxuz24dq3u1qjoiero1_1280 tumblr_lydejoGfDJ1qfet8co1_500 tumblr_lyq4arUvTT1r7ggovo1_1280 tumblr_lzgrxwrEm31r7ggovo1_500 tumblr_lzqz7xM7sI1r7ggovo1_400 tumblr_m2j8vyny4f1r3uz8ro1_250 tumblr_m3kswiSFPp1r98nl1o1_500 Nifty Footwork tumblr_mcgg3yDcyK1qakafjo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mcq9vo5p4e1r71w0ho1_500tumblr_mexczuUvfi1qb1f7qo1_500 tumblr_ml4vn5KvEs1qm6qwdo1_1280 Unidentified Saami children in an unidentified location at an unknown time in history viaDallasShaw wild-hippie www.miss-design www.mysparrowblog ysvoice_A_Day_On_Earth_by_Jeremy_Blincoe_via_edieelee yulibowPan_s_Labyrinth_2006_

When you look outside, what do you see?

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