“Mercy Tree” by Lacey Sturm

Mercy Tree

On a hill called Calvary
Stands an endless Mercy Tree
Every broke and weary soul
Find your rest and be made whole

Stripes of blood that stain its frame
Shed to wash away our shame
From the scars pure love released
Salvation bought the Mercy Tree

In the sky, between two thieves
Hung the blameless Prince of Peace
Bruised and battered, scarred and scorned
Sacred Head pierced by our thorns

“It is finished”, was His cry
The Perfect Lamb was crucified
His sacrifice – Our victory
Our Savior chose the Mercy Tree

Hope went dark that violent day
The whole earth quaked at Love’s display
Three days silence in the ground
This Body born for Heaven’s Crown

On that bright and glorious day
Heaven opened up the grave
He’s Alive and Risen Indeed!
Praise Him for the Mercy Tree!!!

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome!
He has risen from the dead!

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome!
He has risen from the dead!

One day soon We’ll see His face
And every tear, He’ll wipe a way
No more pain or suffering

Praise Him for the Mercy Tree!!!

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome!
He has risen from the dead!

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome!
He has risen from the dead!!!

On a hill called Calvary stands an endless Mercy Tree…

This song says it ALL!  What matters in light of this?  NOTHING!!!  Death has DIED!  I have been so grieved this week about starting another form of treatment trying to get my vascular system to pump strong enough to allow my lymphatic system to even drain.  I was actually angry.  I was mad that I had been doing all the right things.  I have eaten cleaner than Gwyneth Paltrow for years, and even though I’m not technically “fat”… I’m still “huge” and I know those of you that have had fluid retention, as opposed to fat gain, KNOW it is much different… In that, it is PAINFUL.  Fat doesn’t hurt.  Carrying around fluid does.  Not to mention the underlying factors that are causing your body to do this.  Those things have a propensity to make you feel pretty lousy too.  I was mad at life.  I wasn’t angry at God for not healing me.  I was angry that I wasn’t dead yet.  I was angry that I wasn’t either healed or dead.  I was overwhelmed with the cabin fever of being bound to my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my home… but there’s a reason they punish people with “house arrest.”  It can drive you to the brink of insanity.  I have felt the sorrow and loneliness of watching life go on without me.  At least when you’re dead, you don’t have to realize how easy it is for people (especially your dearest friends) to move on without you.  It’s like there are no glitches and you were never here.  You start taking inventory of what ever mattered to begin with.  I remember crying one night wishing my best friends were by my side, and wondering why I wasn’t good enough.  Then Jesus reminded me that none of His even stayed awake during the worst night He had yet to live.  While He was sweating drops of blood, and they’d been asked to pray… they were sleeping.  Then He reminded me that I’m just like them.  Pain is ugly.  It’s just plain ugly.  But the thing that is so beautiful is that Jesus didn’t have to do what He did.  He didn’t have to be betrayed by each and every one of us.  He didn’t have to take upon Himself the sins of each and every man.  He didn’t have to do it.  He did it willfully.  He did it gladly.  And it pleased God to do it.  Jesus took upon Himself MY FILTHY DISGUSTING SIN (the worst of all worst)… I’m not talking being a neglectful friend… because even after He’s done this for me, I am STILL neglectful of Him!!!  I’m still an ingrate!!!  Yet He still loves me with an everlasting love.  He took my sin upon Himself, and bore it on the cross.  In His death, my sins were nailed on the cross and the weight of my sins were imposed onto my Jesus.  HE BORE THE WRATH OF MY SIN.  Then He defeated sin and death!!!  He rose from the grave on the third day, and with that He brought forth SALVATION – the FREE (free for us… cost Him EVERYTHING) GIFT OF SALVATION for any man, woman or child that would receive Him.  He is that gift!  Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life… No man comes to God, but through Me.”  Why would that be?  Because He paid the price for our sins.  If we think we are able to stand before a righteous and holy God on our own merit, then we can try.  But it won’t work out for us all that well.  You are free to disagree.  And God gave every man that choice.  He doesn’t want a forced relationship with mankind.  Truly, it is an honor that we should be called sons and daughters of God.  When Christ did what He did, He offered us the opportunity to be adopted through Him.  We can stand before a Righteous and Perfect God in the Righteous Name of our Savior (The One who Saved US!!!) Jesus Christ!  We’ve become joint heirs with Him.  It’s not at all complicated.  What is complicated is reading the Bible and trying to explain it away.  When you pick up the Word of God, and you apply yourself to reading it and understanding it… You begin to see, it’s almost impossible to look at it and look history and the world today, and not be astounded at the prophetic words in that book.  It goes far beyond that.  God’s word cannot return void, so take a moral principle from the Bible and apply it to your life, and you will see the fruit of it, even if you are not a Christian.  There’s so much to learn and so many exciting things to discover.  But today… I realized… There is no reason why I should not have to live my eternity in this body filled with illness.  I don’t deserve any better… based on my own merit, I deserve Hell.  I do.  But I am getting eternity in Heaven!  I should be happy and thankful with life as it is, even if no change comes.  Godliness with contentment comes great gain.  I know that scripture was more of a financial thing, but it’s true in this case too.  If we can love the Lord and YES, cry out when we can’t handle life!  That’s what I HAVE to do!  I get so ANGRY!!!  I have to spill it to GOD!!!  It’s only then that I can find peace.  It’s only then that He can help me.  If not, I’m just shining both God and myself on, and that is just BUNK!  No, when I tell Him how I really feel, He then deals with the REAL issues of my heart.  ONLY THEN.

Thanks for letting me share.  Only God can take a kid (a 38 almost 39 year old kid of His) that is having a fit all over the place about her life and physical pain and grief and loss of friendships and hurts… and turn it into praise.  THAT IS THE GOD WHO MEETS YOU AT THE MERCY TREE!!!

Lord Bless,
Amie Joy
All  Musical / Video Credit:

Official music video of “Mercy Tree” by Lacey Sturm, as seen in the film “The Cross” airing Nov. 7-10 nationwide. For showtimes visit http://watchbillygraham.com.
Produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. All rights reserved.

Find Mercy Tree and the rest of the My Hope album on iTunes:http://smarturl.it/MercyTree

“Mercy Tree” by Michael Neale / Kristen L. Nordhoff
© 2013 Universal Music — Brentwood Benson Songs (BMI) / Michael Neale Music (BMI); TwoNords Music (ASCAP) (admin. Music Services, Inc.)

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