Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Riding in the passenger seat of our SUV, I was looking through the photo album on my phone.  I looked up, commenting on someone’s high-beams being so bright just in time to see a truck driving straight towards us.  We weren’t traveling at a high speed, but I had no idea if the guy driving towards us was going to punch it or not.  Words cannot express what a camera can… Especially when you’re talking giving a “post accident” police report or talking with an insurance investigator.  I don’t know which was more “Unexpected”… the fact that this man was driving down the wrong side of the street straight at us, or the fact that I had a camera and took pictures of it….

Is he going to keep driving straight into us?

Is he going to keep driving straight into us?



So, the story doubles when the winner on the left pulls up along side of him!  Nice.  At this point, my husband has moved into cop mode.  So, while I was busy taking pictures… He saved our lives… Swung his body gracefully out of the window and directed car on the left to make an immediate right turn… He had done SOMETHING that made “head on collision” guy stop.  He calmly gets out of the car, has a friendly discussion with the man.  Comes back and tells me, “Poor guy, he’s just old.  The new paint on the road must have confused him.  He was all mad at me for driving on the wrong side of the road, and thought we were going to hit him.  Once he realized he was the one on the wrong side, he was extremely apologetic.  All is good.  Everyone’s happy.  It’s a good night.”

And there I was looking over at my awesome hubby thinking, “You crazy adrenaline junkie!  That didn’t even phase you!  Don’t you even realize that I was PHOTO JOURNALING OUR DEATH?!?”


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected
By: Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie (reyajoy)
Friday, November 22, 2013

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    • Mo, it was a bit ago, so now it’s funny! But it was kind scary at the time. It was on Dorothy Lane… It was going in slow motion, because the guy too was afraid that we were going to drive into him. =D Too funny!


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