Paper Walls Christmas – O Come O Come Emmanuel ~ by John Meyer (FYI – Free Download of this song on Noisetrade… Details and direct link provided in blog post)

Featuring “The Friends of Paper Walls Christmas” Album

“Each Christmas season, the Friends of Paper Walls Studio gather together and record a song. This year, the songs from 2008 to 2012 were compiled into an album. O Come O Come Emmanuel was recorded in 2011. The rest of the album can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.” ~ Noisetrade Bio

You can download THIS song FREE off of NOISETRADE ~

You will most certainly want to check out John’s Official Website! You can listen to several more songs from the Christmas Album… AMAZING!

Hope you are as inspired by the music, singing and worshiping of our Savior as I’ve been. They surely play skillfully, and yet there’s such a comfort of just hanging out in the living room and enjoying / participating and truly experiencing what it means to worship our Christ during the season of His birthday celebration.

So, here it is… check out John Meyer’s Official Website:

Christmas Blessings!
Amie Joy (reyajoy)

And thank you, Noisetrade for the awesome music you’re always making available! You rock!

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