Finishing up with the kids “Specially Wrapped Christmas Gift” made with Free Printable Downloads… I added some extras to this one. =)

Dominic has an affinity for all things vintage, and highly appreciates the world of classics. I knew he’d be far more interested in a package wrapped with Old Classic Cars, and Marquee Letters than he would be with Chalkboard Letters. So, the idea of a vintage TV came to mind. I wanted something that had cars to be featured on the screen. I found this old ad that showed multiple cars at a drive-in movie watching an ad about a new car. It was perfect! I had an old extension cord that I had kept, because it I was standing barefoot on marble flooring unplugging that cord, when it began to electrocute me. Thankfully the wire fried in half and I was released from that piece of marble my feet were on and thrown across the floor. It was quite a shock… to say the least! 😉 Anyway, I kept it, because how often does that happen, right? So, after 10 years, I figured it’s this would be the perfect place to use it! Old cord looks great! The Grebe helped me with the cardboard TV and the antenna, and we were set… with our TV SET! He he. Okay, so I’m a dork… but we still had fun. I have one more present to go, but I think I’ll do it in a day or two. I have baking to do, and we have company coming. Hope your Christmas is AMAZING!!! May Jesus fill your Christmas with the presence of His perfect love, truth and peace.
Blessings ~ Amie Joy (reyajoy)

Your Grace Finds Me – by Matt Redman

I love this song… I love seeing the diversity and uniqueness of each individual worshipper as they lead. It speaks to the nature of God, and His intricate nature in creating each one of us with our own fingerprint and personality, down to our own expression in worship to Him. It’s absolutely beautiful when it all comes together in harmony. God is so good!

~ Jonathan Thulin “Babylon” Official Music Video ~ So rad!

Absolutely powerful video.

“giving”… you may want to grab a tissue.