The “Why” Factor

Only Lucy could get me to look at the crack of dawn with a semi-smile on my face. It was a bright golden Lucy morning. God new I needed her this week.

Only Lucy could get me to look at the crack of dawn with a semi-smile on my face. It was a bright golden Lucy morning. God new I needed her this week.

When wrestling with affliction there is no way to grasp or truly comprehend the “Why” factor. Yet, in the throws of pain and the anguish of night after night, turning into week after week, becoming month after month… and then to our horror and heartbreaking disappointment, months become years… We are still plagued with the question as great as our illness. Why? Continue reading

My Testimony of Grace ~ by: Amie Joy Wylie

Testimony of Grace

When God calls us to something, should we anticipate complete tranquility and peace of mind, or should we anticipate opposition, warfare, and peace that will and must surpass our understanding?

It is beyond my knowledge what God holds for me. But if I knew, would I then be holding my own life, or would He?

Do I question what is right, because it doesn’t feel right? Yet, it doesn’t feel right because I face opposition. Isn’t opposition a sign that one is living on the battlefield rather than in the dugouts or on the sidelines?

Then… in all of this GRACE brings me back to my knees, the cycle repeats itself, and I realize, this IS God’s will. Continue reading

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – A Word to Pastors and Caregivers – and Anyone helping those who are suffering.

Timothy Keller describes the two biggest mistakes we can make when we try to help those who are suffering. The book Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering is available October 2013.

See: for more information.

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – By: Timothy Keller

This video is a quick preview to a book that I am so eager to read!!! The book “Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering” is available October 2013. Only ONE month to go!

Would any of you be interested in going through this book together? We could read through a chapter, and come back here to comment. What do you think? Can I get your feedback? I would so love do something like that! I think this book is going to be profound…

For more information please visit:

I’m looking forward to hearing back from those of you that are interested in reading through this together.

Much Love,

Amie Joy

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

“Right about the time I start thinking God must tire of me, I see these little characters He’s created that I never grow weary of, and in a thousand words I could not describe one minute of their lives. I never bore of their constant presence and how accustom they’ve become to depend on my resources (which are God’s)… And I’m reminded… God says that I’m worth more than many sparrows. I tire of myself, but I do not think God grows weary of me. I think my greatest enemy would stop at nothing to keep me fearing that my God is against me and looks on me with distain and dissatisfaction… But my God will not allow that either. My God is Love… Perfect Love… and Perfect Love casts out fear.”

faith-building oceans…


Can I just say how blessed I am by Hillsong United?!? You know what, this song/video is absolute soul food. If you’re starving for peace… get nourished.

I was just recounting a story to a friend about when my dad first taught me how to duck the waves and not get my body knocked down by the surf. Soon, there seemed no wave too big to duck, because no matter how big, there was always a peaceful place underneath that I could jump into and come out the other side. But that wasn’t all I was out there to do. I had one fin on my foot and I was going to body surf a REAL wave. Then one day it happened… Continue reading