Christmas DIY – Laser Photo Copy Transfered to Wood – This is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects ever. It certainly isn’t a project exclusive to Christmas either. You’ll only need a few basics… Here’s the list: 1. Your Laser Photo Copy (Be sure to print it reversed, as it will be transfered reversed thus returning it back to normal). 2. Sponge Brush or Paint Brush 3. Liquitex Matte Gel Medium 4. A Piece of Wood Cut to the size you desire 4. A Cup or Bowl of water 5. A Washcloth or Washrag – Now, check out the demonstration photos along with the instructional captions. Have fun making these for your own home and as gifts for others! They are fabulous!

Laser Photo Copy (cannot be Ink Jet, sorry), Sponge Brush, Matte Gel Medium, Piece of Wood - Ready... Set... Go!

Laser Photo Copy (cannot be Ink Jet, sorry), Sponge Brush, Matte Gel Medium, Piece of Wood – Ready… Set… Go!

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Okay, Craft Planning Has Officially Begun! Here’s Your Prep List!!! YAY!

Photo credit unknown - I (reyajoy) did not take this photo.

Making Our Crafting List and Checking it Twice…
Don’t throw your paper-towel rolls away if you plan to make ornaments. =)

Here are some PHOTOS of various things we hope to be working on… You will also find a list of items to “Start Saving” along with a list of items to “Dig Out.”  Hopefully, this will help you prep a little as we plan out some FUN!!!  Check out the pics:

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Reyajoy Christmas Decorating

Homemade Christmas… It’s about creating memories and beauty without breaking the bank. It’s about filling your home with love, warmth and comfort and things touched by your hands. It’s about experiencing the beauty of God’s creation in your home and sharing it with your family and others. It’s about reflecting who you are inside. For me, I love God’s creation. My ideal Christmas is sweeping up the forest and throwing into my living room. It’s fragrant, beautiful, and free. Lovely! Continue reading