What Happened?



I hurt, and at times I’m quite unhappy with God’s will for my life.  I will not lie.  It’s not like He doesn’t already know the things I wish weren’t so… But Happiness and Joy are not in and of the same. They are very different, indeed.  Happiness is based on happenstance and is fleeting. It’s circumstantial, at best. Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit, and it grows in the fertile ground of ashes.   It flourishes in the showers of the abundance of tears rained upon it.  It bears the bloom of peace in the most hostile climates, and it’s roots are ever gripped and clinging to the ONLY LOVE that Saves!  I once heard it said that Joy is “Peace, dancing.”  It takes the absence of happiness to sometimes be aware of the fullness of Joy.  I may be happy tomorrow, and if I am, so I’ll be… But if by happenstance I should not feel the airy lightheartedness of happiness… I will still have the fullness of Joy, and with that God will have again turned my mourning into dancing.

Oh, how I love and need Jesus every moment of every hour of every day… And I may not feel happy all the time, but I am His forever!!! This so sweet to trust in Jesus!

 ” I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13

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Growing Your Own “Paperwhite” Narcissus – A Gorgeous & Unique Christmas Gift Idea too!

“Paperwhites” are just about the easiest flower to grow, and so very gratifying.  I’m a visual learner.  So, I’m going to teach you how to do this with pictures.  There is very little required when planting Paperwhites.  The bulbs can be saved year after year.  You can plant them in soil, or rocks of all sorts… Continue reading

The “Why” Factor

Only Lucy could get me to look at the crack of dawn with a semi-smile on my face. It was a bright golden Lucy morning. God new I needed her this week.

Only Lucy could get me to look at the crack of dawn with a semi-smile on my face. It was a bright golden Lucy morning. God new I needed her this week.

When wrestling with affliction there is no way to grasp or truly comprehend the “Why” factor. Yet, in the throws of pain and the anguish of night after night, turning into week after week, becoming month after month… and then to our horror and heartbreaking disappointment, months become years… We are still plagued with the question as great as our illness. Why? Continue reading

Have You Become a Permanent Fixture on Your Rock of Fear?

There I was, pressed between two very large boulders, clinging to one and pressing against the other for dear life.  It had seemed easy enough to climb these monstrous boulders in Joshua Tree National Park, but in my efforts to reach the top, I truly hadn’t give a single thought to how I was going to get back down. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Heart! So, the outward man is perishing… but we do know that the inward man is being renewed day by day! So, TAKE COURAGE, and SEE the Invisible!!! Oh, and yes… that is my elbow facing you.



Yes, that would be my elbow pointing at you.  Only slight more disturbing than it looked was how it felt… Continue reading

My Testimony of Grace ~ by: Amie Joy Wylie

Testimony of Grace

When God calls us to something, should we anticipate complete tranquility and peace of mind, or should we anticipate opposition, warfare, and peace that will and must surpass our understanding?

It is beyond my knowledge what God holds for me. But if I knew, would I then be holding my own life, or would He?

Do I question what is right, because it doesn’t feel right? Yet, it doesn’t feel right because I face opposition. Isn’t opposition a sign that one is living on the battlefield rather than in the dugouts or on the sidelines?

Then… in all of this GRACE brings me back to my knees, the cycle repeats itself, and I realize, this IS God’s will. Continue reading



Vividly she called to mind

The times she spent with Him

Moments filled with laughter

Where joy was felt within003

Times of sweet communion

Where fellowship was sweet

At dawn she would arise

And together they would meet004

She treasured every moment spent

The Bridegroom with His Bride

His love for Her so grand

In its shadow she would hide

Protected from the world

That sought for any way

To lure her from that placeAmie for blog 05

And carry her astray

It happened oh so subtly

She hardly felt the loss

For business some how crept in

And kept her from the cross

She missed their meetings here and there

But so sure He’d understandb9

And with the knowledge that He loved her

He would surely lend a hand

Her Bridegroom eager to help her said,

“Love, what can I do for you?”

“I can’t stay awake to talk right now,

But here’s a list to do…”

She rambled on incessantly b2

Till she fell asleep in bed

He listened with compassion

Then gently kissed her head

She passed the time forgetting

The way they use to share

Till one day she awoke

In sickness and despair B1

“Where has my Bridegroom gone?

Has He left me all alone?”

Then faintly she could hear His voice

“My Love, My Bride… Come home.”

She paused for a moment

Mourning her great loss

Till she heard His voice again002

“Meet Me at the Cross.”

She ran with expectation

For she knew her Bridegroom well

Yes, He danced at her arrival

He healed her wounds from whence she fell

The loneliness she felt

Was no longer given roomAmie for blog 06

For her heart was now consumed

With love for her Bridegroom.

By:  Amie Joy Chiarelli-Wylie