Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – A Word to Pastors and Caregivers – and Anyone helping those who are suffering.

Timothy Keller describes the two biggest mistakes we can make when we try to help those who are suffering. The book Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering is available October 2013.

See: timothykeller.com/books/walking_with_god_through_pain_and_suffering/ for more information.

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – By: Timothy Keller

This video is a quick preview to a book that I am so eager to read!!! The book “Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering” is available October 2013. Only ONE month to go!

Would any of you be interested in going through this book together? We could read through a chapter, and come back here to comment. What do you think? Can I get your feedback? I would so love do something like that! I think this book is going to be profound…

For more information please visit:

I’m looking forward to hearing back from those of you that are interested in reading through this together.

Much Love,

Amie Joy