“Mercy Tree” by Lacey Sturm

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“Even if I crash down and burn out, at least I’m gonna know what it’s like to feel alive!” Can’t remember who sings that! Here are some more “FREE SPIRIT” photos… Enjoy.

Foto Credit Unknown

Free to be.

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Free Spirit… I’m certain GOD intended my hair to be in dreadlocks. Yesterday, Tim pat the top of my head, and said, “I had no idea your hair was like this.” The secrets we can keep for so many years!

I found these AMAZING photographs on the internet via blogs… there were no photo credits, and they were not certain where they originated either.  IF you do know, please let me know, and I will make sure to attach their name with their work.  I will also remove the photo if they like.  These “Free Spirited” photos make me happy… Hope they make you happy too! 
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