I found a vase on the clearance aisle at Homegoods yesterday. I decided I would take some of the Cedar Tree Clippings that I still have in my bucket out back, and make a quick arrangement. As I was working on it, it turned into more of a solo Christmas Tree, and less of an arrangement. I used “oasis” to set the mini tree firmly in the vase… After figuring out what I wanted to do in that respect, I got out some silver spray paint and the fake snow… Oh, and some spray adhesive. I sprayed the tips of the tree with silver paint… and then I just kept spraying a bunch more. He he. I then used a little spray adhesive… powdered it with the snow, and put it back in the vase. I threw a little bit of gravel in there to cover the oasis. I sprayed that silver and covered it with snow. Check out the photos. You’ll also see the Vanilla we made, along with the Laser Photocopy Transfered to Wood Project, and the Paperwhites that we planted. Looks like the paperwhites may be bloomed by Christmas, regardless of the fact that I totally forgot about them and let them go without water for over a week and a half. I think they may be impossible to kill. Then we also did our DIY Christmas Paper Towel Ornaments, and our DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees… I think that will probably wrap it up for us this Christmas. Who knows, we might throw in one more, if my nieces finish it. =) Either way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, WAIT! I almost forgot… I will be posting a photo of Dominic and Judah’s special Christmas package wrapped with the Free Printable Christmas Labels and more. So, stay tuned…

Got my Cedar Tree Clippings, Oasis, and Clippers...

Got my Cedar Tree Clippings, Oasis, and Clippers…

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DIY Outdoor Christmas Trees – Made out of Tomato Cages, 100 ct Strand of White Christmas Lights, and a Bag of Zip Ties. We made FIVE. Cost was $5.56 a piece to make. Our nieces came over, and whipped out the 5 trees in less than an hour. So, for $27.80, we now have a beautiful display of lights in the yard! The nice thing is, not only do they look fabulous… We are going to use the tomato cages come gardening time! Sweet deal! This is another EASY DIY that is FAST and FUN to do with kids. They will be proud of their work and less inclined to beg for the next giant lit up thing they see at Costco. So, get your “A” game on, and let’s get this party started! Like I said, you will need 3 things: 1. Tomato Cages ($1.96 each @ Lowes) 2. 100 ct Christmas Lights ($2.69 each @ Lowes) 3. Tie Straps (Bag of 100 @ Lowes for $4.59). You will only need to increase your number of cages and lights as you go. You should have plenty of tie straps in the one bag. You’re realistically going to use about 15 tie straps on each tree. Okay… Let’s get started. I’d like you to meet my nieces, Elli, Emma and Baylee. They are the girls in charge. Uncle Tim is their assistant. Check out the photos and see the process, read the captions to get instructions. Feel free to click on the “Red Stamp” box in the upper corner and leave me a comment if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Okay, let’s go! =) On a side note: I apologize for the hazy and blurry pics. Most of you know I’m sick and in treatment. I didn’t have my “A” game on today, but I sure tried! =D

Elli is ready to head out to the yard to begin assembling the Christmas Trees!

Elli is ready to head out to the yard to begin assembling the Christmas Trees!

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Christmas DIY – Laser Photo Copy Transfered to Wood – This is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects ever. It certainly isn’t a project exclusive to Christmas either. You’ll only need a few basics… Here’s the list: 1. Your Laser Photo Copy (Be sure to print it reversed, as it will be transfered reversed thus returning it back to normal). 2. Sponge Brush or Paint Brush 3. Liquitex Matte Gel Medium 4. A Piece of Wood Cut to the size you desire 4. A Cup or Bowl of water 5. A Washcloth or Washrag – Now, check out the demonstration photos along with the instructional captions. Have fun making these for your own home and as gifts for others! They are fabulous!

Laser Photo Copy (cannot be Ink Jet, sorry), Sponge Brush, Matte Gel Medium, Piece of Wood - Ready... Set... Go!

Laser Photo Copy (cannot be Ink Jet, sorry), Sponge Brush, Matte Gel Medium, Piece of Wood – Ready… Set… Go!

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Bottling Up Our Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract!!! YAY! The Day Has Arrived!

It’s finally THAT day!!!  We get to bottle up our YUMMY Vanilla Bean Extract and Package it up for Gourmet Christmas Gifts made with lots and lots of Love!!!

So, we started by printing our labels.

So, we started by printing our labels.

See.  Here's an up-close shot.

See?  Here’s a close-up shot for ya.

Behold, the VANILLA!!!  We also have our little jars all sanitized and ready to go.

Behold, the VANILLA!!! We also have our little jars and lids all sanitized and ready to go.

Behold, the HARD WORKIN' MAN!

Behold, the HARD WORKIN’ MAN – AKA – the grebe!  Note: He’s all sanitized and ready to go too.  😉

Label ON the Bottle.

Label ON the Bottle.

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Growing Your Own “Paperwhite” Narcissus – A Gorgeous & Unique Christmas Gift Idea too!

“Paperwhites” are just about the easiest flower to grow, and so very gratifying.  I’m a visual learner.  So, I’m going to teach you how to do this with pictures.  There is very little required when planting Paperwhites.  The bulbs can be saved year after year.  You can plant them in soil, or rocks of all sorts… Continue reading

Okay, Craft Planning Has Officially Begun! Here’s Your Prep List!!! YAY!

Photo credit unknown - I (reyajoy) did not take this photo.

Making Our Crafting List and Checking it Twice…
Don’t throw your paper-towel rolls away if you plan to make ornaments. =)

Here are some PHOTOS of various things we hope to be working on… You will also find a list of items to “Start Saving” along with a list of items to “Dig Out.”  Hopefully, this will help you prep a little as we plan out some FUN!!!  Check out the pics:

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Buy Your Vanilla Beans NOW… It’s time to make our Homemade “Beanilla Extract” for Christmas Time!!! Woot Woot! We make it next week. =)

THE TIME HAS COME!  YAY!!!   Like we talked about on Facebook, it’s time to buy!  We need to get our products asap, to have them on hand to make our homemade “Beanilla Extract” – That would be Vanilla Bean Extract!  Yippy!!
It takes 8 weeks to sit before it’s ready, so we have to get on it right away, as we are already getting a late start.

What you need to determine is the quantity you’ll be making.

Q.  Are you making this for yourself only, or do you plan to give it as gifts?

Once you have determined the amount you will be making, you will need to purchase FIVE vanilla beans per ONE cup of Vodka.  That’s kind of the standard.  There are many ways to do it, but this is the way we’ll be doing it.

Q.  Do you have the proper glass storage containers to cure your Vanilla Extract?

I will provide you with all of the information that you need to buy the items, or to give you an idea of what you’ll need.  Here goes:

Vanilla – This is where I bought my vanilla this year.  I can’t vouch for it yet, because it hasn’t arrived, but the prices are great, and the reviews are good… So, I went with it!
Again, remember that when buying, you’ll want 5 beans per 1 cup that you’ll be making.

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