Story Time ~ The way I remember it…

Story Time

Grab a cup of tea, and pull of a chair… make yourself nice and cozy.  It’s story time.
(I’m sure I cannot remember the statistics given, so I pulled the stats offline a while back. You’ll still get the idea… Anyway, this still “The Way I Remember It.”)

Even though it must be getting close to 30 years ago, I remember with vivid clarity the day that man stood behind the pulpit silently and began to snap his fingers.

Snap… snap… snap… snap… Silence fell over the room, and all that could be heard was each snap as his long finger crossed his thumb and snapped against the palm of his hand. His eyes looked back and forth across the room. I was certain he had made eye contact with everyone there.

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faith-building oceans…


Can I just say how blessed I am by Hillsong United?!? You know what, this song/video is absolute soul food. If you’re starving for peace… get nourished.

I was just recounting a story to a friend about when my dad first taught me how to duck the waves and not get my body knocked down by the surf. Soon, there seemed no wave too big to duck, because no matter how big, there was always a peaceful place underneath that I could jump into and come out the other side. But that wasn’t all I was out there to do. I had one fin on my foot and I was going to body surf a REAL wave. Then one day it happened… Continue reading