the loon and the grebe leaf trees went to their new home!


Leaf Trees ~ by ~ the loon and the grebe

I sure had a blast making these leaf trees. They’re made from leaves from my backyard that have been clipped one by one, washed, rinsed, and treated (depending on the outcome I wanted) and rinsed again. The leaves are then laid out to dry for a while. After the larger drops have dried, they are put in a large bowl and heated with a blow dryer. Then laid out on a blanket or sheet to dry as I roll them one by one. After they are rolled, they are placed in a bucket and left for weeks to complete the drying process. Then the trees can be assembled.

the loon and the grebe  Leaf Trees

the loon and the grebe
Leaf Trees

Christmas Leaf Tree 03

All made from the same leaves, but each so uniquely different.

Christmas Leaf Tree 04

Loving the contrast… Notice the color of the leaves on the smallest tree. I wanted you to see it before I flocked it, because it’s cool that you can actually achieve a red fall color leaf too.

Christmas Leaf Tree 05

Look at the different shapes you can create with a single type of leaf. The sky is the limit.

Christmas Leaf Tree 06

Closer view on the small antiqued silver colored tree and leaf style next to the larger green curled leaf, and the silver curled leaf trees.

Christmas Leaf Tree 07

View of the bark base.

There are other ways of doing the leaves too, this is just one of several methods I did. Tim made me cones out of cardboard from boxes that had come to our house (as I have many of my groceries delivered). This was cost effective, and earth friendly. Styrofoam can be used, but it’s expensive, and it defeats the purpose of doing something innovative and cheap, if you’re going to go out and spend the bucks on the styrofoam… but it is your choice. =) I find it’s easier to work with the cone, because it gives you somewhere to put your hand inside while working the piece from the outside.
One of the trees is also made out of a plastic water bottle. I’m not a fan of plastic water bottles, so, I figured I’d do the next best thing with them.
The bases of the trees are slices of wood from a log or branch relatively the same dimension as the tree. So, that’s the story on the trees. They are time consuming to make, but if you’re an avid crafter and you love authenticity, this is right up your ally. I crave unique and authentic. I like things that aren’t perfect, and things I don’t see everyday. I also like to create things that I visualize in my brain and have to wonder if it’s possible to actually make it work. Sometimes, it does… sometimes, it doesn’t. This time… It did. I love these trees. It’s so hard to capture their dimension and character in the photographs.

This one is kind of my favorite.  I hated it at first, but he grew on me, and then became my favorite.

This one is kind of my favorite. I hated it at first, but he grew on me, and then became my favorite.

Christmas Leaf Tree 09

I love this more gothic style tree. I thought a smooth bark base would befit a tree this style.

Christmas Leaf Tree 10

Notice the veins in the leaves that give the trees their character. This is created by using the leaves upside down when making them. I will put a leaf or a few in right side up for contrast throughout each tree.

Christmas Leaf Tree 11

Water bottle tree on the left is now flocked. Isn’t it so cute?

The flocked tree on the left is the water bottle.

Here’s a up close shot of our baby flocked water bottle tree.

My friend who purchased them is going to be making a rad centerpiece for her Women’s Christmas Tea. We did a mock set up with all kinds of other fun stuff. It was SUCH FUN! I can’t wait to see pictures! I hope she takes pictures. =D

Anyway, so long leaf trees!! =) Enjoy your new home!!

Merry Christmas Month to you all!
May Jesus bless your heart today~
Amie Joy (reyajoy)

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