In the midst of the storm I have found shelter in You – yet I am filled with sorrow – From where I hide I can still see the view – of all my crushed dreams for tomorrow – I will pour out my heart… I will surrender my will – and quietly cry for my loss – I will rest in Your strength and surrender until – I find all of my hope in Your cross – Oh, where can I go that You won’t be with me – You’ll never leave me alone – Through tear filled eyes I cannot see clearly – but You are my Cornerstone – You are acquainted with all of my ways – knowing each thought that I think – You will be with me all of my days – no matter how deep my heart sinks – O,h how can I fear with You as my Lord – there is no power You cannot defeat – I will fight with Your Word as my sword – and my enemy will have to retreat – Jesus Christ… Most Powerful One – thank You for being my friend – I need not fear… for the victory’s been won – and I know I will stand in the end. Poem Written By: Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie (reyajoy) © 2013

No Alone – by Jamie Grace



Vividly she called to mind

The times she spent with Him

Moments filled with laughter

Where joy was felt within003

Times of sweet communion

Where fellowship was sweet

At dawn she would arise

And together they would meet004

She treasured every moment spent

The Bridegroom with His Bride

His love for Her so grand

In its shadow she would hide

Protected from the world

That sought for any way

To lure her from that placeAmie for blog 05

And carry her astray

It happened oh so subtly

She hardly felt the loss

For business some how crept in

And kept her from the cross

She missed their meetings here and there

But so sure He’d understandb9

And with the knowledge that He loved her

He would surely lend a hand

Her Bridegroom eager to help her said,

“Love, what can I do for you?”

“I can’t stay awake to talk right now,

But here’s a list to do…”

She rambled on incessantly b2

Till she fell asleep in bed

He listened with compassion

Then gently kissed her head

She passed the time forgetting

The way they use to share

Till one day she awoke

In sickness and despair B1

“Where has my Bridegroom gone?

Has He left me all alone?”

Then faintly she could hear His voice

“My Love, My Bride… Come home.”

She paused for a moment

Mourning her great loss

Till she heard His voice again002

“Meet Me at the Cross.”

She ran with expectation

For she knew her Bridegroom well

Yes, He danced at her arrival

He healed her wounds from whence she fell

The loneliness she felt

Was no longer given roomAmie for blog 06

For her heart was now consumed

With love for her Bridegroom.

By:  Amie Joy Chiarelli-Wylie

There’s nothing pretty about the word “anger”…

Photo 154

The poem below was written several years ago, but it’s all about my personal downfall, and my battle with anger. I am so thankful that my God is faithful to pick me up (I imagine myself like a body with a giant head that did a face plant in the mud… The mud has suctioned my whole head in and my body is flailing in the air trying to get up… Yes, I have a vivid imagination.), and pull me out of the mess I’ve made the minute I call for help. He’s such a loving and good God to a very undeserving spoiled brat… But BOY am I ever thankful!!! And the truth is, I know I can be a spoiled brat, but I know that’s not how God views me. I know, because His Word tells me so… and He honors His Word above His Name.

Now, I must clarify, I don’t believe every type of anger is bad. Depending on its motivation, it may be perfectly fine to be angry. Like so many have said to me, “But Amie, Jesus was angry when he took those moneychangers to task in the Temple!”
Ah, yes! He was. This is a perfect example of righteous anger… He even made a whip! He was certainly cleaning house. Continue reading