Story Time ~ The way I remember it…

Story Time

Grab a cup of tea, and pull of a chair… make yourself nice and cozy.  It’s story time.
(I’m sure I cannot remember the statistics given, so I pulled the stats offline a while back. You’ll still get the idea… Anyway, this still “The Way I Remember It.”)

Even though it must be getting close to 30 years ago, I remember with vivid clarity the day that man stood behind the pulpit silently and began to snap his fingers.

Snap… snap… snap… snap… Silence fell over the room, and all that could be heard was each snap as his long finger crossed his thumb and snapped against the palm of his hand. His eyes looked back and forth across the room. I was certain he had made eye contact with everyone there.

Snap… snap… snap… Continue reading

There’s nothing pretty about the word “anger”…

Photo 154

The poem below was written several years ago, but it’s all about my personal downfall, and my battle with anger. I am so thankful that my God is faithful to pick me up (I imagine myself like a body with a giant head that did a face plant in the mud… The mud has suctioned my whole head in and my body is flailing in the air trying to get up… Yes, I have a vivid imagination.), and pull me out of the mess I’ve made the minute I call for help. He’s such a loving and good God to a very undeserving spoiled brat… But BOY am I ever thankful!!! And the truth is, I know I can be a spoiled brat, but I know that’s not how God views me. I know, because His Word tells me so… and He honors His Word above His Name.

Now, I must clarify, I don’t believe every type of anger is bad. Depending on its motivation, it may be perfectly fine to be angry. Like so many have said to me, “But Amie, Jesus was angry when he took those moneychangers to task in the Temple!”
Ah, yes! He was. This is a perfect example of righteous anger… He even made a whip! He was certainly cleaning house. Continue reading