Finishing up with the kids “Specially Wrapped Christmas Gift” made with Free Printable Downloads… I added some extras to this one. =)

Dominic has an affinity for all things vintage, and highly appreciates the world of classics. I knew he’d be far more interested in a package wrapped with Old Classic Cars, and Marquee Letters than he would be with Chalkboard Letters. So, the idea of a vintage TV came to mind. I wanted something that had cars to be featured on the screen. I found this old ad that showed multiple cars at a drive-in movie watching an ad about a new car. It was perfect! I had an old extension cord that I had kept, because it I was standing barefoot on marble flooring unplugging that cord, when it began to electrocute me. Thankfully the wire fried in half and I was released from that piece of marble my feet were on and thrown across the floor. It was quite a shock… to say the least! 😉 Anyway, I kept it, because how often does that happen, right? So, after 10 years, I figured it’s this would be the perfect place to use it! Old cord looks great! The Grebe helped me with the cardboard TV and the antenna, and we were set… with our TV SET! He he. Okay, so I’m a dork… but we still had fun. I have one more present to go, but I think I’ll do it in a day or two. I have baking to do, and we have company coming. Hope your Christmas is AMAZING!!! May Jesus fill your Christmas with the presence of His perfect love, truth and peace.
Blessings ~ Amie Joy (reyajoy)

Weekly Photo Challenge – INFINITE

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Weekly Photo Challenge – INFINITE
By: Amie Joy Chiarelli Wylie (reyajoy)
Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Bridge one journeys to get to “Tomorrow” – yet finds it leads only to Infinite “Todays”…

The Bridge one journeys to get to "Tomorrow", yet finds it leads only to Infinite "Todays"...

The Bridge one journeys to get to “Tomorrow” – yet finds it leads only to Infinite “Todays”…

Don’t Lose Heart! So, the outward man is perishing… but we do know that the inward man is being renewed day by day! So, TAKE COURAGE, and SEE the Invisible!!! Oh, and yes… that is my elbow facing you.



Yes, that would be my elbow pointing at you.  Only slight more disturbing than it looked was how it felt… Continue reading

My Testimony of Grace ~ by: Amie Joy Wylie

Testimony of Grace

When God calls us to something, should we anticipate complete tranquility and peace of mind, or should we anticipate opposition, warfare, and peace that will and must surpass our understanding?

It is beyond my knowledge what God holds for me. But if I knew, would I then be holding my own life, or would He?

Do I question what is right, because it doesn’t feel right? Yet, it doesn’t feel right because I face opposition. Isn’t opposition a sign that one is living on the battlefield rather than in the dugouts or on the sidelines?

Then… in all of this GRACE brings me back to my knees, the cycle repeats itself, and I realize, this IS God’s will. Continue reading

There’s nothing pretty about the word “anger”…

Photo 154

The poem below was written several years ago, but it’s all about my personal downfall, and my battle with anger. I am so thankful that my God is faithful to pick me up (I imagine myself like a body with a giant head that did a face plant in the mud… The mud has suctioned my whole head in and my body is flailing in the air trying to get up… Yes, I have a vivid imagination.), and pull me out of the mess I’ve made the minute I call for help. He’s such a loving and good God to a very undeserving spoiled brat… But BOY am I ever thankful!!! And the truth is, I know I can be a spoiled brat, but I know that’s not how God views me. I know, because His Word tells me so… and He honors His Word above His Name.

Now, I must clarify, I don’t believe every type of anger is bad. Depending on its motivation, it may be perfectly fine to be angry. Like so many have said to me, “But Amie, Jesus was angry when he took those moneychangers to task in the Temple!”
Ah, yes! He was. This is a perfect example of righteous anger… He even made a whip! He was certainly cleaning house. Continue reading

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

“Right about the time I start thinking God must tire of me, I see these little characters He’s created that I never grow weary of, and in a thousand words I could not describe one minute of their lives. I never bore of their constant presence and how accustom they’ve become to depend on my resources (which are God’s)… And I’m reminded… God says that I’m worth more than many sparrows. I tire of myself, but I do not think God grows weary of me. I think my greatest enemy would stop at nothing to keep me fearing that my God is against me and looks on me with distain and dissatisfaction… But my God will not allow that either. My God is Love… Perfect Love… and Perfect Love casts out fear.”

a golden opportunity.

a golden opportunity.

Ever have those days when you feel so small? It’s almost as if you’re going about your life busy as can be, you’re exhausting all of your energy and resources… Sometimes, working hard… Other times, hardly working. But in the grand scheme of things we all have a tendency to feel like we just don’t matter all that much. Continue reading