Super Typhoon Strikes the Philippines – Calvary Chapel Relief

Hi Friends… This is personal to me. For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting personally, I want to express that disaster relief is something my husband and I are very passionate about. My husband, Tim, is the man in the green shirt that is narrating part of this video. He has the privilege of overseeing Parakletos International, a Disaster Relief Org. of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  Please read below and please watch the video.  Our world is so much bigger than what’s going on in the little sphere around us… Yet it’s small enough that when one has a need, we should be there to help the other out.

So, please take a few minutes to view this video that was just released about Calvary Chapel’s response to the typhoon. Then please pass it on. We are once again in a very strategic position and have been embraced by the local government. We, by God’s grace, have a huge opportunity to step into the lives of these victims and share the hope that helps us through each day. I know this is a time when most of us are thinking about family and the holidays, but please pray about how we might be able to make this Christmas something special for those families, who were also getting ready for this same holiday, but now have nothing…

Amie Joy

Please keep those serving in your prayers.  Most importantly, keep those who are hurting and grieving and have lost not just all earthly possessions, but have also lost beloved family members, friends and pets.  It’s a tragic time indeed… And now they are faced with monumental trials ahead of trying to rebuild a life from the bottom up with nothing to start with.  The simplest things are no longer available.  Pray too how you can help.  Many blessings!

Paper Walls Christmas – O Come O Come Emmanuel ~ by John Meyer (FYI – Free Download of this song on Noisetrade… Details and direct link provided in blog post)

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“Mercy Tree” by Lacey Sturm

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Reyajoy Christmas Decorating

Homemade Christmas… It’s about creating memories and beauty without breaking the bank. It’s about filling your home with love, warmth and comfort and things touched by your hands. It’s about experiencing the beauty of God’s creation in your home and sharing it with your family and others. It’s about reflecting who you are inside. For me, I love God’s creation. My ideal Christmas is sweeping up the forest and throwing into my living room. It’s fragrant, beautiful, and free. Lovely! Continue reading

Pastor Chuck Smith’s Paddle Out Video – By: Wesley Kong

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Helicopter shot from the Paddle Out - Incredible! (Photo credit @bbrodersen)

Helicopter shot from the Paddle Out – Incredible!
(Photo credit @bbrodersen)

Local Natives / Who Knows Who Cares / Take Away Show

I pretty much never get tired of watching / listening to these guys. The acoustics on this live recording are amazing! Thank you, Danny Vasquez for introducing me to both Local Natives and La Blogotheque. This is just rad music. Enjoy. Check out the girl at the end. She’s so cute singing it! Love it.

One Thousand Dreams – Hand and Feet Project – Inspirational video shot in Jacmel, Haiti, with the children of the Hands and Feet Project. Every child dreams of a loving family and a hope for the future. Help the Hands and Feet Project make dreams come true.

If everyone helped, there wouldn’t be a lack. Give from a place of humility, because you had nothing to do with what country you were born in and to which family you were born. By the same token, don’t rip things out of others hands and think it’s your right to to distribute their things. Its not. Let every man be accountable before God for his own choices. We can encourage, but we don’t own one another. The minute I decide I own the right to your pocket book, or vote that the government should take it, I have either taken you into slavery, or sold you. Let’s each be accountable to one another in brotherly love, esteeming one another as better than the other… not selling one another off. Let’s not think that we are giving out of the goodness of our own hearts, but rather, we are giving because of the great goodness our God has demonstrated towards us, and has put it within our hearts to do. For HE alone is good, and He is the giver of all good things. Let’s be imitators of Him, and we love Him because He first loved us and taught us to love. He also said that pure and undefiled religion is to visit widows and orphans in their distress. Let’s follow Him. He’s given ample instruction. If we heed, we will bear much fruit, and it will bring Him glory, because for myself, I know what I am outside of Christ… I am a loser. Thankfully, I’ve been saved and found in Him. Glory! ~ Amie Wylie